Monday, April 26, 2010

Good-bye Bustos :(

Howdy Y'all!!! It was another GREAT week here in Plano with some ups, downs, and funnies!! Everyone at home sounds like they're doing great and being blessed which makes me super happy... miss y'all but time is going WAY too fast!!!
Monday: We taught Ariel about the word of wisdom and Law of Chastity.. the only things we thought could keep him from his baptism next week but he was so willing to live them... he had no questions or problems. He told us he had one concern and that was his tattooes.. he said he didn't want to go to church and be a bad example for the youth so they look at him and think it's alright to get tattooes and live that life. He wants to get them removed but it's too much money. We explained more about the atonement but I love how sincerely he wants to change and follow Christ example and also be a true example for others in word, looks and actions. Then we went to teach the Bustos... the night started by Alejandra being offended because she say a member at the park who appartently didn't smile at her then came out other doubts and concerns... we tried to settle them then get one with a lesson of the Plan of Salvation but the spirit just wasn't there at all. Hermana Kleinman would just pause once in awhile and stare at each other.. I was having the strongest impressions that we need to drop them and just leave... but not one part of my heart wanted to. But spiritual impressions aren't always easy but they're always right. So through many tears, I beared my testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and how much their family needed it then invited them to pray together as a family about the truthfulness of this message and call us when they were ready to learn and have these blessings and then they called on my to say the pray... man was that the hardest night... especially walking away from Alex.. I KNOW he is suppose to serve a mission...but God can change hearts and he prepares people.. so maybe this was a part of their preparation. It also was a comfort to me that I know we did what was right because Hermana Kleinman and I both had the same prompting.. Please pray for them!
Tuesday:... the day of creepers!! We did a lot of contacting because most of our appointments fell through so we were knocking in this appartment complex and this completely drunk guy answered the door... i started doing a door contact on him but soon realized he was not interested in talking about the gospel with me so we gave him a pass-a-long card and walked away.. we were walking to our car and he came out of his back door and started yelling at me what my name was... after a couple times i told him I didn't have a name and he just said.. "Well I guess I'm just going to have to find you then." He continued to watch us until we had driven away... not to worry two days later we went back to that complex and i was hoping not to see him but of course he was the FIRST person I saw... he was trying to find out my name again and be flirty.. i was nice.. but VERY serious with him about my purpose there and since then everytime i see him he doesn't approach me!! good thing!! then that night we were contacting some referrals in a trailer park and we knocked on this older guys door who wasn't all there in the mind.. we started contacting him and getting to know him and he just said, "Why all the questions?" ha ha... We gave him a pass-a-long card and went to walk away and he just started following us... he finally left us alone when we started contacting his neighbor in the street and all of a sudden we just heard something fall and looked over and he had been watching us through the blinds and they had fallen down.. he was frantically trying to put them back up.. i was laughing sooooo hard!!
Wednesday: In the morning we taught Keren who told us that she is going to go to a different churh this Sunday just because her mom invited her for bonding time... It's so sad to see these people who were so fired up about gettign baptized and knew it was true... but they can't get baptized really fast because of some kind of reason.. usually because they're not married. And Satan just pounds them until they start doubting and just fall. I went to the doctor in the afternoon for my wrists that have been bugging me since November.. the doctor says I have systs in my wrists that i will eventually have to get cut out.. but Sister Smith said I would have to go home from my mission to do it.. so I'm just taking some anti inflammatory medicines and getting back to work!! I got an amazing blessing that night from Elder Andrus and we met in the home of a less active... After my blessing Hermana Dominguez asked for one.. even though it was in english we translated some of it to her afterwards.. but the really cool part is that her husband hasn't come to church in 20 years and the spirit was soooo strong in their house and all he could do was say thank you over and over again with tears in his eyes.
Thursday: We taught Ariel with Hno. Marrero which was a great lesson on fasting, tithing, and ten commandments.. he is set to get baptized on May 2nd and is super excited. We asked him how his reading was doing and he told us he is in Alma and he loves it. He really is sooo golden. We then went adn taught the Toro family the third lesson about the five steps we need to do to recieve the Celestial Kingdom... Lisbeth is still on for her baptism on Mother's Day and it was Lilieth's birthday so we brought her awesome cupcakes and sang.
Friday: We found a new investigator with six kids living in her house.. they didn't have much time so we made a return appointment but taught all the kids how to sing "Soy un Hijo de Dios" then one of them prayed for us. I love watching the church the gospel can bring into even the smallest child. AMAZING!! We taught Luis and he still didn't want to come to church because of the primary kids.. he actually started BAWLING!! It was so sad but we promised him we would go to class with him that Sunday so he agreed.
Saturday: we had a big service project with some of the elders to help Sylvia Rodriguez clear out her yard.. her back yard had grass up to our waists... it was fun but hot and lots of work. She made us homemade chicken fingers though for our help but the Elders didn't want to eat them because they're on some kind of slimfast diet... so being the sensitive person I am right in front of Sylvia I told her how much the Elders just LOVE chicken fingers and probably would eat 10 or 12 each... she looked at me and was like REALLY.. and started making more.. the Elders just looked at me with death stares... so needlesstosay when we went back out to do yard work i got attacked with the water hose and was SOAKED!! so to get them back while we were eating everytime they finished a plate i would say , "You don't want more??", "Is that ALL you're going to eat?" I think they both ended up eating 10 plus she gave them some to take home! ha ha... but Sylvia was sooo appreciative for all our hard work.. we were able to teach her about the importance of a prophet and they came to church the next day. They are going to the english ward but they LOVED it especially Anastasia the little girl and she just kept asking her grandma when they were coming back and when we could go teach them again. service really leads to love, trust, and respect... serve everyone around you!!
We taught Mayela that night and Juan Carlos was actually there. We drew out the five steps and asked her to filled them in.. most investigators get one or two and out of order.. but she said them all right in order and then explained each one perfectly... she's been reading the gospel principles book and is almost done with it. She even told us why it was important for her to be baptized in this church and not other ones... Her husband Juan Carlos still has no clue she's getting baptized and was probably thinking the whole time.. why aren't these sisters committing her to baptism??... are they crazy?? ha ha.. little does he know!! :)
Sunday: was an awesome day!! We first went to church with Sylvia and her grandkids then ran to our ward where it was missionary sunday. The elders both spoke and so did MANUELA!!!! .. she just got up there and read straight out of preach my gospel then sat down... i was just proud of her that she agreed to give a talk and got up there... she was super nervous. Then Hermana Kleinman and I sang I Know that My Redeemer Lives to a beautiful piano arrangement Elder Esplin made up... it went really well. Then after sacrament we went to go to class with Luis like we promised and they didnt' have a class so we got nominated to be the teachers.. but it worked about really well because we got to get Luis more involved and the kids were really nice to him.. i think he really enjoyed himself. I think the highlight of the day was when Juan Carlos walked in to the church with Mayela!!!... he was even crying through the closing song... he's going to be sooo excited at Mayela's baptism! We had an amazing week but next sunday is going to be soooo much better... two baptisms for some of the most amazing investigators i've met on my mission!! I love this place!! I love my mission and I love these people. Please pray for them especially Mayela and Ariel that they make it to the waters of baptism!!
con carino,
Hermana Katie Barber

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